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Article: The Jewelry Trends You’ll Wear With Your 2021 Outfits

The Jewelry Trends You’ll Wear With Your 2021 Outfits - eklexic

The Jewelry Trends You’ll Wear With Your 2021 Outfits

The trials and tribulations of 2020 had a major impact on every aspect of our lives, style included. Maybe it was the lack of social occasions to show off flashy pieces or the opportunity to experience weeks or months as a homebody that has us reconsidering our personal style. Whatever the reason, there are some new trends in women’s fashion necklaces on the horizon and they’re embracing simplicity, joy, and signature jewelry in some exciting new ways.

Here’s what to look for this year so you can be on trend while still staying true to you.

Butterfly Necklaces

Butterfly necklaces are timeless. You see them on little girls getting their first “grown up” accessory and yet they look sophisticated and elegant when worn by adults. That’s because butterflies stand for transformation and hope — two things that are both ageless and very much in demand after a tumultuous 2020. Choose a single butterfly pendant or pepper your favorite chain with butterfly charms for an explosion of movement and whimsy.

Butterfly Necklace

Heart Necklaces

There’s no mistaking what a heart necklace means. As we all work on getting back to normal this year, we do so with a newfound appreciation for love in all its forms. A necklace with a heart charm makes a wonderful gift for a friend or family member you haven’t gotten to see in way too many months. Or gift one to yourself as a reminder that love always finds a way.

Heart Necklace

Star Necklaces

The great philosopher Marcus Aurelius once said, “Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.” Star necklaces capture the majesty of the skies in a very wearable form. Choose a silver or gold star and watch a piece of the heavens twinkling away on your chain. You can even amplify the effect with a pair of coordinating mini star studs or large full star earrings.

Star Necklace

Double Necklaces

Layered necklaces are a major trend this year. We’re not talking about uber-ornate pieces or strands littered with diamonds but rather double necklaces in matching or contrasting link sizes and shapes. These pieces are impactful enough to stand on their own or you can add charms, additional necklaces, or even a choker for a majorly fashion-forward style statement.

Double Necklace

Collar Necklaces and Chokers

In 2021, women’s fashion necklaces are taking a trip back in time and returning with a distinctly modern edge. Choker necklaces date as far back as 2500 BC, when they often featured gold fashioned into intricate designs intended to protect the wearer from evil. They were also seen during the French Revolution. Those early versions were made using ribbon rather than metal. Today, chokers and collars are bold, swooping shapes that emulate the wearer’s natural curves. Wear them with a scoop-neck tee or a dress with equally memorable results.

Collar Necklaces and Chokers

To update your jewelry collection for 2021, check out our designer pieces, each one designed and handcrafted in the US. 


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