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Dare to be bold, and the world is yours.


Bold. Edgy. Versatile. Wearing our jewelry is like creating a painting; you can stop after the first few strokes or layer as much as you want until you achieve a final result that embodies your own flare for drama. We’ve designed every piece to be gorgeous on its own and yet also play well with others. Sling on a single large chain link necklace with a simple tee and be effortlessly chic or stack rings for maximum impact.

At eklexic, “versatile” isn’t just a buzzword, it’s a way of life. We know you can do it all, and you deserve designer jewelry that fits into every part of your life. Made from sustainable materials and handcrafted in the United States, our pieces are destined for those who defy the norm, take chances, and stand out.

Accept the challenge. Bask in the attention. Be eklexic.

Eklexic Founder and Designer Alexis Gordon Kelly never ignores a good idea. Her natural affinity for entrepreneurship helped her build a successful career in sales before she pivoted to establishing her own wireless telecom consulting company. Later, her desire for a more creative outlet would inspire a new venture, one based on her lifelong love of fashion.

Even as a child, Alexis was never shy about taking control of what she wore. In her teens, she became a dedicated student of fashion, poring over the pages of the industry’s most notable publications. Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, and Glamour. The articles were her mentors, the models and photographers her muses. Alexis found a signature look grounded by something black and brought to life by a fabulous accessory.

While hard work and professional success eventually made it easier to indulge in designer and luxury brands, Alexis’ love of fashion and her desire to build her own company from scratch made it difficult to continue indulging her craving for high-end jewelry.

One day, she found herself roaming the floors of Bergdorf Goodman, admiring the labels she adored but couldn’t afford. Why should following your dreams and honoring your personal aesthetic be mutually exclusive?

And then came the spark of inspiration. Despite a lack of formal training, making jewelry came easily to Alexis. Slowly but surely, she brought the concepts in her head to life, perfecting the lines and the look of each piece through trial and error.

The first day she stepped out wearing one of her necklaces, she couldn’t walk half a Manhattan block without someone asking where she got it. In a place like NYC
Where fashion is a currency and a language all rolled into one, hearing things like, “I love your necklace” and “Where can I get it?” was the ultimate validation. As the positive feedback grew, so did the collection, and Alexis realized that the impact her designs had on people wasn’t an accident. Passion and creativity met her already fine tuned business sense, and eklexic was born.


Since its inception, eklexic has continued to grow at a rapid pace. When the pandemic hit in early 2020, we--like the rest of the world--were forced to adapt. While remaining steadfastly committed to sustainable materials and U.S.-based production, we widened our focus to accommodate the soaring popularity of online shopping. With new partnerships with trusted, value-driven influencers and a new showroom, we’re poised to take our jewelry to audiences around the world while keeping quality, artistry, and our customers at the very core of our business model.