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Article: Best Gold Hoop Earrings for Women for Everyday Wear

Best Gold Hoop Earrings for Women for Everyday Wear - eklexic
gold hoop earrings

Best Gold Hoop Earrings for Women for Everyday Wear

From Sumerian women in ancient Mesopotamia to J. Lo in the Bronx, style-setting ladies have been sporting hoop earrings for literally thousands of years. The thick gold hoop earrings that first debuted around 2500 BCE were often textured or even crescent shaped. Today, designs run the gamut from thin and delicate to stunningly ornate. If you’re looking to expand your collection of gold hoop earrings for women, check out these styles that are perfect for everyday wear — and maybe a few special occasions, too.

Make a Statement With Big Hoop Earrings

Jennifer Lopez. Sade. Zendaya. Madonna. Rihanna. Gwyneth Paltrow. Drew Barrymore. Halle Berry. Yara Shahidi. Every one of these style icons has been photographed wearing big hoop earrings as they go about their day. Some sport simple gold hoops while others favor diamond-encrusted versions that amp up the glamour. Both options are gorgeous and total on trend — the important thing is to look for a hoop about 3 inches in diameter, so you get all the drama of oversized jewelry while still feeling chic.


Classic Gold Hoop Earrings for Women

When you want a pair of hoop earrings for women that can take you seamlessly from running errands to brunch with the girls or a day at the office to a night on the town, try on some 1.5- to 2-inch hoops in traditional yellow gold. This intermediate size is large enough to peek out through your latest blow out or stand up to the starched collar of your favorite blazer or faux shearling pea coat, but small enough that they won’t take over the rest of your outfit either. 


Choose textured hoops or those with other embellishments to further show off your personality. For instance, an elegant, shiny gold hoop that embraces simplicity says you’re a traditionalist who appreciates elegance. Brushed matte panels, on the other hand, turn a simple hoop into a contemporary masterpiece. Squared-off hoops and those with cut outs or chain-link designs suggest you’re playful and bold and happy to be noticed.

Understated Hoops and Huggies

An active lifestyle or love for smaller accessories doesn’t mean you have to give up on finding the hoop earrings for women that are perfect for you. Mini hoops and huggies are comfortably clingy, stay close to your ear lobe so they can shine bright without getting in the way. Whereas thick hoop earrings have a commanding presence and oversized hoops might sway when you walk, huggies are committed to being subtle and secure as you go for your morning jog, chase the kids, or hold an impromptu dance party.

Perhaps the best part about exploring the exciting world of hoop earrings for women is that it’s not a matter of deciding which style suits you best. Bring home thick hoop earrings for the days you’re craving an extra dose of confidence, treat yourself to big hoop earrings for those sassy outfits that beg for an equally sassy accessory, and go for the huggies when you want a little ear bling but know your Art Deco bib necklace needs a little room to breathe. Sounds like a perfect way to build a jewelry collection, right?

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