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Article: Best Personalized Bracelets for Men in 2021

Best Personalized Bracelets for Men in 2021 - eklexic

Best Personalized Bracelets for Men in 2021

Why should women have all the accessory-related fun? High-quality handmade men’s bracelets give guys a chance to make a statement of their own. From bold cuffs that embrace clean lines and simplicity to men’s custom leather bracelets that perfectly combine rustic charm and sophistication, bracelets by eklexic are a wardrobe must-have for every fashion-savvy man.

Handmade Leather Bracelets for Men

Sometimes all it takes for designer jewelry to make an impact is a sleek stretch of leather cord and the right kind of clasp. Double-wrap leather cord bracelets with stainless-steel findings perfectly complement everything from jeans and a vintage tee to a three-piece suit. Braided cords and magnet clasps offer a more modern spin, while handmade leather bracelets for men in captivating colors like royal blue demand attention without being over the top.


Beaded Custom Bracelets for Men

Slide on a super contemporary look with custom bracelets for men made from chunky beads in a range of luxe materials. Gold-plated beads provide undeniable luxury while jet Swarovski crystal beads act as edgy accents. Look for stone beads that have extra meaning, like ocean agate (a stone that stands for abundance, perseverance, and patience) or hematite (enhances willpower and dissolves negativity). Some designs include other embellishments with a decidedly masculine quality, like 18k gold-plated skulls and rhodium-plated Buddhas. These bracelets are one-size-fits-most — the stretchy base makes it easy for guys to slide their newest piece over their hand without fiddling with a clasp or other fastener.

Handcuff Bracelets for Men

With the invention of the eye-catching handcuff bracelet, men’s fashion took a major step forward. Look for versions that use upgraded materials and favor chunky chains that give off an almost rugged vibe. Imagine expertly polished curb chains that curve that around the wrist until both ends meet at a large handcuff clasp. This is where beauty and strength collide, creating jewelry that can easily become a signature piece. If you’re looking for a men’s bracelet that has high-end appeal with a side of naughtiness, a handcuff bracelet could be exactly what you need.

Choosing Men’s Custom Bracelets

There are many ways to decide which bracelet is best for you or a loved one. Some existing designs can be customized to meet your needs; you may be able to change the diameter of the beads or even ask for custom sizing on a chain bracelet to suit a slimmer or wider build. Another option is to buy several bracelets and wear them stacked. A men’s custom leather bracelet paired with a curb chain or cuff results in a unique look that’s anything but ordinary. Slide on several beaded bracelets in varying colors or multiples of the same design for exponentially more impact.

Interested in taking your style game to the next level? Eklexic’s collection of handmade mens bracelets are designed by our founder, Alexis, and handcrafted in the USA using sustainable materials. Finally, jewelry both men and women can be proud to buy and to wear.

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