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Article: 5 Ways to Wear a Butterfly Necklace

5 Ways to Wear a Butterfly Necklace - eklexic

5 Ways to Wear a Butterfly Necklace

Butterflies are more than just gorgeous insects that happen to drop by your garden from time to time. There are some 17,500 species of butterflies, each one symbolizing transformation, rebirth, and hope. Wearing a butterfly necklace is a meaningful and fashion-forward way to embrace change and showcase how beauty and renewal play a role in your personal aesthetic. Here are five ways to make your necklace work no matter what else you’re wearing or where you happen to be going.

  1. Let Your Butterfly Necklace Take Centerstage

There are countless kinds of women’s fashion necklaces, but a dainty butterfly charm on a well-made chain stands out for good reason. To make a statement, treat your necklace as a standalone piece. Don a simple V-neck, skip the earrings (just this once!), and make your butterfly the focal point of your outfit.

  1. Experiment with Layered Looks

Layering your favorite women’s fashion necklaces gives you an easy way to revamp your look. A choker with a butterfly pendant paired with several long chains in varying styles. A long chain with an oversized butterfly charm mingling with other chains, all in a unifying shade of gold. You can be as quirky or as sophisticated as you want and switch things up as your mood dictates.

  1. Use Your Favorite Butterfly Necklace as a Starting Point

If your butterfly necklace is based on a charm, try adding to the chain with other charms that fit a theme. Take inspiration from Mother Nature and incorporate leaves, a sun, or other insects. Spell out your name in initial charms or pick letters that represent loved ones. Go geometric with Art Deco designs that act as the hard against the soft lines of your butterfly. The only rule is to choose the charms that speak to you most. 

butterfly necklace
  1. Accessorize Outside the Box

Pssst…. your necklace holds hidden potential! Depending on the length of the chain, you can wrap it around your wrist or anklet and suddenly your butterfly is dangling off your arm or glinting in the sun as you show off your new sandals. This kind of versatility is perfect for people who like bold looks and stretching the boundaries of style. 

  1. Transition Easily From Day to Night

Once you find a good luck necklace that makes you feel happy and full of hope, you never want to take it off. Choose the right butterfly choker or charm necklace and you’ll never have to. Some women’s fashion necklaces have specific purposes, but a signature piece should accompany you 24/7. Treat yourself to a good luck necklace with a butterfly that goes just as brilliantly with a button-down shirt or trendy jumpsuit as it does with a little black dress.

Some people believe that a butterfly crossing your path should serve as a reminder to embrace all the changes that are surely coming your way. Are you ready to infuse your life with positivity, happiness, and luck? Check out our charms and pendants and create a custom piece perfect for launching your very own style metamorphosis.

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