Alexis Gordon Kelly is the founder and designer of eklexic, a statement jewelry brand for women and men. Prior to giving her creative streak a chance to reveal itself, Alexis built a successful career in the business field. She had worked in sales for years before starting her own telecom consulting company. In fact, she began designing jewelry around the time she started her own business. Alexis knows well, that to make one's way one has to be bold.  Alexis’ affinity for fashion has been a focus for long as she can remember. As a child, Alexis made it clear she would be the decision maker regarding her daily attire. In her teens, she was a diligent student of the best fashion “mentors”: Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, Marie Claire, Cosmo, and Glamour. A staple in any outfit was something black, and a fabulous accessory. Later on, she could afford to show her appreciation of fashion by wearing designer and luxury brands.



Building her company from scratch, Alexis could not indulge her craving for jewelry, like before. One day, while roaming the floors of Bergdorf Goodman, she felt frustrated she could not afford her favorite labels. It was then the idea to create jewelry came to mind. Creating her own pieces came naturally, despite the lack of formal training. Alexis taught herself in the moment and perfected each piece through trial and error. 

The day Alexis stepped out wearing one of her necklaces, she couldn't walk half a block without hearing, "I love your necklace", "Who are you wearing?", "Where did you buy it?", "Where can I get it?" As the collection grew, Alexis got used to positive feedback and realized the impact her designs had on people was not an accident. So, she decided to pair her creativity with business approach, and eklexic was born.

eklexic jewelry is bold, edgy & glamorous, over the top, and fabulous. Alexis designs each piece with the idea, that once you wear it, you will be the center of attention – nothing less. Dare to be bold, and the world is yours – that's the attitude behind the brand. The designs channel audacity and fearlessness. If you are shy to be fabulous, eklexic is not the brand for you. Defy the norm, take chances, stand out – accept the challenge and bask in the attention.