4 Things You Should Know About Cuban Link Chain Bracelets for Men

Whether you realize it or not, you’ve seen Cuban link chain bracelets for men before. These widely admired pieces are cultural mainstays, but how did they get started? And why should you get one for the fashionable guy in your life (especially if that guy is you)?

What is a Cuban Link Chain Bracelet for Men?

Cuban link chain bracelets are easy to spot thanks to their iconic interlocking links. Each link is big and bold, made to catch your attention and then twisted together tightly to create a chunky chain that is anything but demure. Though these bracelets aren’t actually Cuban (they originated in the United States), they found popularity thanks to Cuban immigrants in towns like NYC and Miami who fell in love with the style and made it part of their daily streetwear.

Cuban link chain bracelets


Cuban Link Chain Bracelets Are the Epitome of Street Style

Over the years, Cuban chains showed up on hip-hop superstars and celebrities, becoming a status symbol. In other words, they look cool and make the person wearing them look cool too. They’re super on trend, and yet, thanks to the use of high-quality gold and the expert craftsmanship that goes into handcrafting each piece, these bracelets are designed to stand the test of time. Cuban link chain bracelets for men are chic without trying to be.

They Come in Different Styles

Yes, Cuban link chain bracelets are largely beloved because of their hefty, masculine aesthetic, but just because thick, chunky links are the default doesn’t mean that’s the only option. Today’s luxury jewelry designers are taking Cuban link chain bracelets to the next level by switching up the size of the links, adding details like extra jump rings, and customizing their design with a signature clasp ornament.

Then there are curb bracelets. This style is similar to a Cuban link but with thinner, flatter links compared to the round, bold lines of the Cuban. Curb bracelets offer a similar look with a bit less weight and may use in tandem with other materials like onyx beads and gold-plated pewter schools. It’s personality galore while keeping the masculine aesthetic firmly intact.

They’re Surprisingly Versatile

With the advent of the Cuban link chain bracelet, men’s fashion took a giant leap forward. Finally, a mainstay piece of jewelry that’s meant to be worn day in and day out and can fit any guy’s wrist. Worn on its own, a Cuban chain bracelet is visually arresting. Invest in both a Cuban link chain and bracelet and now you have a complete look that can make even the most hesitant style-star-in-training feel cool, collected, and confident. That Cuban link chain and bracelet combo is like a one-two punch of artistry and tough-guy appeal.

You may have an image in your head of Cuban link chain bracelets that are little more than heavy bands of clunky metal, but look deeper. There is skill and even a bit of delicacy — dare we say femininity? — in the way the links on these pieces are so tightly intertwined into a rope-like cable design that’s as timeless as it is of-the-moment. You can be a style trailblazer or someone who never strays from dark denim and black tees and still, always, come back to your Cuban link bracelet as your go-to.

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