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Choker Necklaces

eklexic jewelry-Curb Chain and Clasp Choker-Gold 15"-eklexic jewelry-Curb Chain and Clasp Choker-Silver 15”-
Curb Chain and Clasp Choker Sale priceFrom $238.00 USD
eklexic jewelry-Thin Round Choker-Gold-eklexic jewelry-Thin Round Choker-Silver-
Thin Round Choker Sale price$80.00 USD
eklexic jewelry-Simple Round Collar Necklace-Gold-eklexic jewelry-Simple Round Collar Necklace-Gold-
Simple Round Collar Necklace Sale price$150.00 USD
eklexic jewelry-Super Thin Choker-Gold-eklexic jewelry-Super Thin Choker-Silver-
Super Thin Choker Sale price$105.00 USD
Save 30%eklexic jewelry-1/2 Inch Collar-Gold-eklexic jewelry-1/2 Inch Collar-Silver-
1/2 Inch Collar Sale price$119.00 USD Regular price$170.00 USD
eklexic jewelry-Slightly Domed Collar-Gold-eklexic jewelry-Slightly Domed Collar-Silver-
Slightly Domed Collar Sale price$150.00 USD
eklexic jewelry-Paola Choker Necklace-14.5" Gold-eklexic jewelry-Paola Choker Necklace-14.5" Gold-
Paola Choker Necklace Sale priceFrom $288.00 USD
Save 30%eklexic jewelry-3/4 Inch Collar-Silver-eklexic jewelry-3/4 Inch Collar-Gold-
3/4 Inch Collar Sale price$137.20 USD Regular price$195.00 USD
eklexic jewelry-Piper Pearl Choker Necklace-GOLD-eklexic jewelry-Piper Pearl Choker Necklace-GOLD-
Piper Pearl Choker Necklace Sale price$112.00 USD
eklexic jewelry-Palmer Pearl Choker Necklace-GOLD-eklexic jewelry-Palmer Pearl Choker Necklace-GOLD-
Palmer Pearl Choker Necklace Sale price$163.00 USD