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Zodiac Pendant Cancer - eklexicZodiac Pendant Cancer - eklexic
Zodiac Pendant Cancer Sale price$95.00
Zodiac Pendant Aries - eklexicZodiac Pendant Aries - eklexic
Zodiac Pendant Aries Sale price$95.00
Zodiac Pendant Aquarius - eklexicZodiac Pendant Aquarius - eklexic
Zodiac Pendant Aquarius Sale price$95.00
Zodiac Pendant Capricorn - eklexicZodiac Pendant Capricorn - eklexic
Zodiac Pendant Capricorn Sale price$95.00
Script Pendant Blessed - eklexic
Script Pendant Blessed Sale price$85.00
Mini Peak Hoops - eklexicMini Peak Hoops - eklexic
Mini Peak Hoops Sale price$100.00
Paola Choker Necklace - eklexicPaola Choker Necklace - eklexic
Paola Choker Necklace Sale priceFrom $288.00
Valentina 4 Link Drop Earrings - eklexicValentina 4 Link Drop Earrings - eklexic
Enzo Double Layer Necklace - eklexicEnzo Double Layer Necklace - eklexic
Enzo Double Layer Necklace Sale priceFrom $358.00
Wide Peak Huggie Hoops - eklexicWide Peak Huggie Hoops - eklexic
Wide Peak Huggie Hoops Sale price$112.00
Alana Toggle Bracelet - eklexicAlana Toggle Bracelet - eklexic
Alana Toggle Bracelet Sale priceFrom $200.00
a gold chain bracelet with a circle claspa white bracelet with a silver clasp on a white background
Rosie Necklace Sale price$175.00
a bracelet with pearls and a gold claspa bracelet with pearls on a white background
Rosie Bracelet Sale priceFrom $141.00
Double Layer Wren Necklace - eklexicDouble Layer Wren Necklace - eklexic
Double Layer Wren Necklace Sale priceFrom $425.00
Double Layer Talia Necklace - eklexicDouble Layer Talia Necklace - eklexic
Double Layer Talia Necklace Sale priceFrom $368.00
Valentina 6 Link Drop Earrings - eklexicValentina 6 Link Drop Earrings - eklexic
Valentina 8 Link Drop Earrings - eklexicValentina 8 Link Drop Earrings - eklexic
Two Toned XL Harrison Necklace - eklexicTwo Toned XL Harrison Necklace - eklexic
Golden Necklace - eklexicGolden Necklace - eklexic
Golden Necklace Sale price$125.00
Two Toned Hendrick Necklace - eklexicTwo Toned Hendrick Necklace - eklexic
Two Toned Hendrick Necklace Sale price$613.00