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Silver Essential Letters - eklexicSilver Essential Letters - eklexic
Silver Essential Letters Sale price$55.00
Double Domed Ring - eklexicDouble Domed Ring - eklexic
Double Domed Ring Sale price$85.00
NORTH CHARM - eklexicNORTH CHARM - eklexic
NORTH CHARM Sale price$75.00
Taraji Bracelet - eklexicTaraji Bracelet - eklexic
Taraji Bracelet Sale priceFrom $200.00
Simple Round Collar Necklace - eklexicSimple Round Collar Necklace - eklexic
Melissa Pendant Necklace - eklexicMelissa Pendant Necklace - eklexic
Melissa Pendant Necklace Sale priceFrom $255.00
On saleSilver Large Rectangle Link Chain Bracelet - eklexicSilver Large Rectangle Link Chain Bracelet - eklexic
Silver Large Rectangle Link Chain Bracelet Sale priceFrom $39.20 Regular price$40.00
SCRIPT PENDANT MAMA Sale price$85.00
AXEL NECKLACE Sale priceFrom $170.00
a gold necklace with a small child on ita woman in a green outfit posing for a picture
an image of a gold metal object on a white backgroundan image of a white object on a white background
Eklexic Earring Backs Sale price$20.00
Eliza Bracelet - eklexicEliza Bracelet - eklexic
Eliza Bracelet Sale priceFrom $90.00
Margaux 4 Link Drop Earrings - eklexicMargaux 4 Link Drop Earrings - eklexic
Thin Round Cuff - eklexicThin Round Cuff - eklexic
Thin Round Cuff Sale priceFrom $43.00
a gold chain with a diamond claspa necklace with a cross on it next to a banana
Gordon Ear Cuff - eklexicGordon Ear Cuff - eklexic
Gordon Ear Cuff Sale price$55.00
Simple Round Cuff - eklexicSimple Round Cuff - eklexic
Simple Round Cuff Sale price$69.00
Zo Huggie Hoops - eklexicZo Huggie Hoops - eklexic
Zo Huggie Hoops Sale price$85.00
Super Thin Choker - eklexicSuper Thin Choker - eklexic
Super Thin Choker Sale price$105.00
Large Gold Ball Bracelet - eklexicLarge Gold Ball Bracelet - eklexic
Large Gold Ball Bracelet Sale price$150.00
Medium Enamel Helena Pendant - eklexicMedium Enamel Helena Pendant - eklexic
Miranda Ring - eklexicMiranda Ring - eklexic
Miranda Ring Sale price$50.40
Medium Link Chain Anklet - eklexicMedium Link Chain Anklet - eklexic
Medium Link Chain Anklet Sale price$53.00
1.5" Ultimate Hoops - eklexic1.5" Ultimate Hoops - eklexic
1.5" Ultimate Hoops Sale price$112.00
a yellow gold wedding band with five diamondsa close up of a person wearing a ring
CZ STUDDED THIN RING Sale priceFrom $32.00
Lisa Ear Cuff - eklexicLisa Ear Cuff - eklexic
Lisa Ear Cuff Sale price$45.00
GOTHIC NUMBERS Sale price$65.00
BEATRIX CHARM NECKLACE Sale priceFrom $196.00
Lennon Lariat Necklace - eklexicLennon Lariat Necklace - eklexic
Lennon Lariat Necklace Sale priceFrom $225.00
a gold pendant with a zodiac sign on ita close up of a woman wearing a necklace
St Christopeher Pendant Sale price$73.00
Axel Bracelet - eklexicAxel Bracelet - eklexic
Axel Bracelet Sale priceFrom $100.00
a gold chain necklace with a clasp on a white backgrounda close up of a woman wearing a gold necklace
a gold chain necklace on a white backgrounda gold chain on a white background
Micro Link Curb Chain Necklace Sale priceFrom $100.00
a yellow gold wedding band with white diamondsa woman's hand with two rings on it
Multi Shaped CZ Channel Ring Sale priceFrom $46.00
Luciana Box Chain Necklace - eklexicLuciana Box Chain Necklace - eklexic
Luciana Box Chain Necklace Sale priceFrom $140.00
3" Ultimate Hoops - eklexic3" Ultimate Hoops - eklexic
3" Ultimate Hoops Sale price$150.00
Skinny Lucy Bangle - eklexicSkinny Lucy Bangle - eklexic
Skinny Lucy Bangle Sale priceFrom $60.20
Save 30%ZOELLE PENDANT - eklexic
ZOELLE PENDANT Sale price$56.00 Regular price$80.00
ANABELLE CHARM Sale price$63.00
Custom Script Nameplate - eklexicCustom Script Nameplate - eklexic
Custom Script Nameplate Sale price$150.00
SIMONE HOOPS - eklexicSIMONE HOOPS - eklexic
SIMONE HOOPS Sale price$150.00
a stack of thin gold bracelets on a white backgrounda stack of metal rings on a white background
Skinny Bangle Set Sale price$195.00
a yellow gold ring with white diamondsa woman in a pink dress is holding her hand near her face
MULTI SHAPED CZ STONE RING Sale priceFrom $41.00
7mm Viper Chain Bracelet - eklexic7mm Viper Chain Bracelet - eklexic
7mm Viper Chain Bracelet Sale priceFrom $100.00
7mm Viper Chain Necklace - eklexic7mm Viper Chain Necklace - eklexic
7mm Viper Chain Necklace Sale priceFrom $213.00
Silver Small Multi Link Chain Bracelet - eklexicSilver Small Multi Link Chain Bracelet - eklexic
Silver Large Elongated Link Chain - eklexicSilver Large Elongated Link Chain - eklexic
Silver Large Elongated Link Chain Sale priceFrom $81.00
Silver Medium Link Chain Anklet - eklexic
Men's 9.5MM Flat Ring - eklexicMen's 9.5MM Flat Ring - eklexic
Men's 9.5MM Flat Ring Sale price$69.00
Save 30%Trinity Ring - eklexicTrinity Ring - eklexic
Trinity Ring Sale price$24.50 Regular price$35.00