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Article: Diamond Hoop Earring Are Trending! Here Are 5 Ways to Wear Them

Diamond Hoop Earring Are Trending! Here Are 5 Ways to Wear Them - eklexic

Diamond Hoop Earring Are Trending! Here Are 5 Ways to Wear Them

From Diana Ross to J. Lo, women have been wearing gold hoop earrings as part of their signature style for decades. From tiny but flashy diamond huggies to oversized hoops inspired by hip-hop culture, there are a plethora of hoop designs that on-trend yet somehow timeless, too. Use these tips to fully take advantage of the current hoop trend and find the pair — or pairs! — that are perfect for you.

1. Everyday Wear: Diamond Huggies

If you like flash but also prefer a more low-maintenance jewelry collection, consider investing in a pair of designer diamond huggies. These small hoops are named for the way they cling to your ear lobe, making them the perfect pair of earrings for someone who lives an active lifestyle. A low profile keeps movement to a minimum, but the addition of diamonds ensures you’ll never fall short in the glamour department.

2. Living Large: Oversized to Make a Statement

Sometimes small hoops can get lost in long hair, or maybe it’s just a case of your signature style demanding a more impactful pair of earrings. Either way, you can swap out petite hoops in favor of larger circles crafted with fun and fashion in mind. What oversized hoops lack in practicality they more than make up for in visual appeal, plus they can be worn with anything from a track suit to haute couture.

3. Stacked: Multiple Earrings = Major Style

Can’t decide between an elegant pair of gold hoop earrings, some twinkly diamond studs, or larger hoops that make you feel like Rihanna? Then don’t. If you have multiple ear piercings, play around with wearing multiple earrings to create a layered effect. Studs worn next to complementary small hoops results in a multidimensional look that’s still fairly streamlined. Or you can throw on several pairs of gold hoop earrings in graduated sizes to really get people talking.

4. The Edgy Sophisticate: Diamond Huggies With a Twist

You love classic gold hoop earrings, but you also appreciate rock music, ripped denim, and chunky boots. Diamond huggies with attached chains carry all the charm of small hoop earrings with an edge embellishment. The chain itself is delicate and almost feminine, but the way it hangs from the diamond hoop it’s attached to turns it into a dynamic piece of jewelry that practically demands an equally dynamic outfit. It’s just what you need to complement the ‘90s fashion that’s coming back in style — chain and diamond huggies with a flowery slip dress under a bomber jacket or wide-legged jeans and menswear plaid shirt? Yes and yes.

5. The Modern Maven: Textured and Shaped Hoops

Hoops shaped like hexagons, hoops with textured exteriors, large flat hoops that are so thin they seem almost two dimensional — jewelry designers are thinking outside the box, and the result is a collection of hoop earrings that take classic style to the next level.

Buy a single pair of hoops, buy several, or buy them all. Like shoes or denim jeans, hoop earrings should be chosen to match your mood and your style. The only limit is your imagination — and the imagination of your favorite luxury jewelry designer, of course.

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